Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why should I vote for your guy?

During the election season in the States people always like to ask, “Why should I vote for your guy?” and while that question always has a somewhat nebulas answer based on beliefs, ethics, and sometimes just plain old Party affiliation, here is the answer to the actual question (yes kind of like 42 in the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy book series.)

“Are you better off now than you were before the last administration change?” 

Now before you say “yes” or “no” stop and really think about this question. On the surface it seems rather simplistic but in reality it covers 1) your personal life 2) your professional life 3) your country’s national standing and 4) your country’s international standing. 

Yes the first two are rather obvious but how many of you stopped to wonder “How the heck do numbers 3 and 4 apply to whether or not I’m better off?” My answer is to just think about it. Doesn’t the overall national standing of your country affect either directly or indirectly the conditions of your life? If the economy is bad then it will be more difficult for you to retire, take vacations, or to buy or sell a house. It affects any investments you have and any plans for the future you have that are based on those investments. So when you go out to vote, or to randomly spout your opinion, please take all of these factors into your mind first. Not only will it give you a basses for your opinions but it will also make you sound as though you have thoroughly thought it through. 

As for me I’m voting for my guy because I think he will begin the steps necessary to correct the currently struggling economy, which in turn will free up the job market for me to once again find stable employment. 

I hope you all are well and thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is a random information for education posting

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed understanding human motivation would assist in understanding how to motivate workers. He believed that people will always try to satisfy thier unmet needs. Maslow also believed that the basic needs have a strict order in which people attempt to meet them. The needs he found, in the order that they take place in, are 

  • Physiological needs: basic survival
  • Safety needs: feeling secure at home and at work
  • Social needs: feeling as 'a part of the group' loved/accepted
  • Esteem needs : needing recognition/acknowledgment from others, and sense of self respect as well
  • Self-actualization needs: the need to reach ones full potential

This topic has been brought up in my last two classes that cover basic management. My question to you is, How does your company rate? And if you are a manager, supervisor, team leader, or company owner, How well are you addressing these needs? 
The higher your company’s turn over the more you should ask this question to yourself.

*Note* information and definitions for the above topic came in part or in whole from:

The Book “Understanding Business” 8th edition by Nickles, McHugh, and McHugh, 2008 published by McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN 978-0-07310597-0 Link

And from Link

Greetings and Welcome

This will be my introduction blog, though since it comes first I will only call this my statement of intent. I am starting this blog as a method of, social networking with likeminded or interested parties, to give me more reason and opportunity to type in hope of increasing my speed through practical use, to start a daily educational blurb for the day (as much for me as for you, I hope), and lastly for a place to state things I feel the need to state (also called a rant by some though I will try to do more PSA (public service announcement) style. 

Random facts about me: I live in the USA in the state of Colorado. I have a lot of hobbies but the current top 6 are Jeeping, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Photography, Reading, and trying on and off to learn Japanese. I will let you know about these activities from time to time. I am currently back in college studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus on Hospitality. I say back in college because I already have an Associates of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering. The main reason for the change is I have found the field to be less engaging than I thought it would be and also because I have not been able to find work in the field since my last job ended in December of 2007. 

I live in many places on the internet, those who are interested can find me on twitter at and I also post some of my better pictures on Deviant Art I hope to find new friends and acquaintances here as I do there. 
I invite you all to comment on the posts I write, but I will ask for the enjoyment of all, that personal attacks are never used and curse words are either not used, or used to a limited degree. As for everything else if you agree, disagree, or just have a different point of view please feel free to share it!

Thanks for stopping by