Monday, August 22, 2011


I was replying to a friends guest post on a vegan food/travel site when I decided to write this. She wrote a smart, well balanced article, but it reminded me of a studying nutritionist who came into my work, saw some Oreo's, and said "that's not food". I wish people would learn how to speak properly and learn the difference between what is, what isn't, and what they feel or think about something.

Food, according to merriam-webster dictionary is:
a : material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy; also : such food together with supplementary substances (as minerals, vitamins, and condiments) b : inorganic substances absorbed by plants in gaseous form or in water solution
: nutriment in solid form
: something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies

I'm really tired of people seeing something like Oreo Cookies and saying "that's not food" It IS food! it may not be healthy food, it may not cover all your base needs or do anything other than keep you from starving to death but IT IS FOOD!

Yes we know a lot about how food affects us and what our bodies need and what what they may not need but our brains like. We in the United States and other food rich nations can be picky, But! Don't go off decided what counts as food! As long as it fills your belly and doesn't harm or kill its food, period. No debating this fact, food is not subjective like art. You can either eat it, or you can't. Yes you can eat somethings that are poisons, and some are slow acting and even found in our food but, that is a whole other tangent on manufacturing. We eat food to stay alive. If we don't we die. You can eat whatever you want whether its romaine lettuce or a 2 inch thick T-bone steak, or a package of Oreo's. But please don't get all pissy and start trying to make food subjective! There are still places were that's not an option... heck there are places where food is barely an option. A good amount of people starve to death each day, so if a package of Oreo's, a t-bone, or a salad will save their life its because it's "Food".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Respect... I just don't get it?

For some reason I keep getting into trouble over Respect. I've had this problem my whole life. Teachers, bosses, friends, family, pastors, and anyone else I interact with tend to think I don’t show respect, or at least what they think respect is. That may be my biggest problem. My definition of “respect” is not in line with what most people in my country see it as… or maybe it’s just that they confuse or don’t know the definition of it themselves. I’m sure Webster’s Dictionary has some base definition that leaves lots of room for interpretation, but I’m not going to bother posting it, as people can look that up themselves.

To me, respect is showing people that you think they are worth something and that they are important to you. One can show respect by being helpful or giving complements, by being a friendly ear or a friendly kick in the ass when one is needed. People are respectful to those who have earned their respect or to people they’ve just met who they give the benefit of the doubt to until the respect is earned or lost.

Respect is not about giving needless complements to make someone happy (i.e. brown nosing). It’s not about refraining from complementing someone because someone else may be offended. It’s not about changing who you are to make others like you. Respect is not something you do only because it’s the polite thing to do, nor because others think its proper behavior.

Respect is given to by You to those who You think deserve it or those who may deserve it. I’m really tired of people wanting and expecting respect just because They think They deserve it! That’s not how it works, never has, never will. I’m also tired of people thinking I’m being disrespectful for saying something that is true, simply because those people think someone else is in a position to take offence at my statement. Since when has stating a Fact or a Truth become a sign of disrespect!? Just because someone has an issue with the truth or doesn’t think the person stating the fact or truth is in the proper position to state it doesn’t mean that person is being disrespectful!

Please, do me a favor. The next time someone does something you don’t like and you begin to tell them “it’s a matter of respect” Stop and think. Is it really about respect? Or is it just something your ego doesn’t want to deal with?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"My Goal"

For awhile now I've been working on building up my photography portfolio of people. To do this I'm using sites such as Model Mayhem and the like to network and find people to photograph. Its not going so well...

Why you ask, because the models are only worried about their carrier and their goals. They don't care about mine even though models and photographers are a team out of necessity. It really upsets me that I can have a model booked and they'll cancel me just a couple days prior to the set shoot and say stuff like

"Hey. Unfortunately I won't be able to. I'm no longer doing tfp work due to high demand. I also need to focus on only what benefits my portfolio. I hope you understand."

Especially when they are the one who initially contacted me first. When I replied to this particular model and said

"No, but its your life and your call. So, Good luck."

I was further dismayed when she replied with

"Yeah, I'm sorry.. and I do feel bad. I'm on another level at this point: being sought out by agencies and working out auditions with IMG, Ford, and Elite and possibly getting flown out to NYC to do so. They don't want me working with photographers who won't work with my portfolio, and it sucks, but a cosplay shoot simply won't go unless you can make it editorial, which is doubtful. I can't waste any time right now either at this point. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I do need to stick to my ultimate goal."

First: What Kind of a modeling agency would want a model who makes a commitment then cancels with two days notice or less and uses such a lame excuse as "well... something better may come along"! You've already made the booking! I'm sure they didn't say "So stop all frivolous shoots NOW!" I'm sure they just meant "Hey, keep in mind in future bookings how the shoot will look in your portfolio"

Second: Your Goal!?!?! What about mine?! My goal is what spawned the posting you contacted me over in the first place! And now its okay to stomp on my dreams of being a big shot photographer because you have agencies just beginning to contact you! Hello, does the saying "don't put all of your eggs into one basket" mean anything. For all you know I'll make it first and the company will want to have you after seeing my Portfolio with you in it!

People, Companies, Models Please get your heads out of your butts and think!