Saturday, October 22, 2016

Deadbeat Dads

Yes, deadbeat dads are a very bad thing, but… it goes both ways. Here’s the deal. If you want fewer deadbeat dads (or moms, because that’s a thing too) there are a few very effective ways to make it happen.
  • Know who you are having sex with! If you don’t know someone well enough to know if they want kids in the first place, don’t sleep with them! 

  • If you haven’t know the person long enough to know you are willing to spend the next 18 years of your life interacting with them on a regular basis, don’t sleep with them. 

  • If you know the person already has kids and is a deadbeat, don’t sleep with them!

  • If you aren’t comfortable talking to the person about the possibility of having kids due to having sex, don’t sleep with them. 

It really is that simple. Get to know the person properly. Over several years! Then sleep with them. If you or they aren’t willing to wait, then they probably aren’t willing to wait around for a kid to grow up before they move on with their life.

Ladies, you have the most control. You are the ones who can have babies. You can turn off access. If you really want fewer deadbeat dads, be a lot pickier about who you sleep with!

Personally, I refuse to sleep with anyone who has multiple kids from multiple men. Hell, I won’t sleep with a woman who offers herself to me the first few months we date. I don’t want to be in a position where my children grow up in a broken home. It’s not fair to them, their mom, nor me.

Sex creates life, but to live your life, sex is not mandatory. To live a happy life, sex should be meaningful. Not just a way to feel good. Be responsible! Don’t risk your happiness, your children’s happiness, nor your partner’s happiness! Keep your privates private until you are truly ready. Because otherwise you just look like a dumb slut regardless if you are male or female. 

Get Ready to Vote!

Early voting and mail in voting is starting. This political season has been especially volatile and many people have lost track of the purpose of voting.

There are people to hate on both sides of the republican/ democrat party lines. However, this vote is not about who you like as a person. We are voting on issues.

Issues such as abortion, gun laws, health care, and many other things. Please don't let your opinion of a human representative interfere with you voting for what matters to you personally.

Vote the issues and only the issues. If you wait for a respectable politician to vote for, you'll never have a reason to vote.

Politics are about what matters most to the people, not who the people like, trust, or respect. (Especially when we have no options at all in those categories.)

So please, Vote! It does matter, the issues at stake matter. The people involved matter too... but the issues are always whats most important. People come and go in politics. Laws tend to stick around long after.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Shoot to Wound

After every police involved shooting that makes the media someone says that “Police should shoot to wound, not shoot to kill”. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing anyone can say and is always said by people who have zero first hand gun experience and watch too many Hollywood movies.

For starters, if you shoot to wound then that leaves time and ability to armed violent criminals to keep shooting and killing innocent people. If you shoot to wound and the criminal is on various drugs or alcohol they can be immune to pane. This means that they will keep killing innocent people as well. Additionally, if you shoot to wound you have to aim for arms or legs, which happen to be the most mobile and fastest moving portion of the human body. Arms and legs are also small targets compared to someone’s torso making them harder to stop. If the criminal is shot in the leg, then their arms are still working and they can keep shooting and killing more innocents. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Police are trained to shoot to kill and keep shooting until they are certain the threat is eliminated in order to protect as many innocent lives as they can. If your spouse, child, or lover is in the area of a mass shooting or potential mass shooting, do you really want the police to be trying for trick shots like in Hollywood movies? If you are thinking that’s a realistic plan, please go to any gun range that rents guns, and try to pull off those shots yourself. You’ll quickly learn that such shooting is largely Hollywood magic. There are very few people who are actually capable of such feats. Police are also taught to shoot to kill for the reason I mentioned above. If a person is on various drugs or is drunk enough their body will not respond to the damage of a shot meant to merely wound. Talk to any police officer or DEA agent who has been in a shootout with a junkie or drunk, they’ll have stories that will keep you awake at night for a month!

Along the lines of “shoot to wound” is the movement to have police use less than lethal weapons such as Tasers and Shotguns loaded with beanbag rounds. These options too will not work on Junkies or drunks. If they can’t feel a bullet wound, they sure aren’t going to feel a beanbag or a jolt of electricity. Additionally, less than lethal weapons are not non-lethal! They do kill in a variety of circumstances. Those include if the criminal has a pacemaker or heart defect, brittle bones, has had previous surgery or injuries that resulted in weakening the breast-bone, and various other reasons for both Tasers and beanbag rounds. Also, beanbag rounds will kill children as if it were a real bullet due to their bones not being fully formed and hardened. Tasers will kill children because they are set to a power for full grown adult criminals. If the child has a gun and points it at a police officer, the officer has no safe way to take down the child. Especially if the officer wants to avoid getting shot by the child who’s pointing a gun at him anyway.

Now I’m sure some of you reading this will think, well what about pepper spray? It only works in very close proximity and tends to backfire just as much as it helps. What about a Taser or Beanbag round just for children? The police officer would have to know ahead of time the perpetrator was a child, which is seldom the case. Also the Police officer would have to carry these extra devices and be able to access them as quickly as their primary weapons or they would be risking those innocent lives again that are in danger from a violent child with a gun! If you think that still sounds reasonable, please go to your local police department and ask to speak with an average uniformed officer. Take a good look at the equipment they already carry. Ask the police officer how much all the equipment they already carry weighs. Ask them how many of their fellow officers suffer from chronic health problems due to carrying all that equipment around with them for their entire shift for their entire career. Then ask yourself if it’s actually reasonable to force that officer to have more equipment and more training for the extremely low occurrence of responding to a violent child with a gun in order to keep that violent criminal alive.

Seriously, please take some time to learn about the facts and reality before yelling out obtuse things like “Shoot to Wound”. Take time to know something about guns before you decide how they should be used, or what they’re capable of. Take some time to think! As the old saying goes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why don’t we actually learn from things that inspire us?

How many times have you been inspired by something or someone? How many times have you thought “They Are Amazing!” and just left it at that? I know that at the very least I see one inspiring thing a week. Sometimes one inspiring thing a day, and yet, for some reason that inspiration never holds. Why is that? Do we think that inspiration is only for a certain few? That those inspiring people are rare and that we can’t become them? It honestly makes no sense to me. 

Lately I wonder if the reason the inspiration doesn’t hold is because as a people we spend so much time being told You Can’t, You Aren’t Good Enough, You Don’t Matter that it has actually programed our minds to believe it. There are even meditation experts who say such thoughts to program our mental computer (Brain) and trap them into a negative pattern.

How to make it stop! The hardest question there is. Those meditation experts say you can think your way out by retraining your mind. Some others just kick on their stubborn streak and decide they will be the best no matter what! The rest of us, I think we just need to keep trying, fail, try again, and repeat until we succeed in becoming someone who inspires others. We have to decide that while failing sucks, we will only fail attempt and we’ll try again as soon as we have made some adjustments to our plans.

Anyone can succeed. Literally ANYONE! The only real trick is to not give up. Become a sore loser, refuse to stay beaten. Make your goals happen even if they take a lifetime.

This is all stuff I need to do myself. I hope you will join me! Heck some of you may even beat me to the finish line. I’m okay with that, just remember to keep looking for me to catch up and pass you! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Courtesy signal

Let’s talk about the Courtesy Signal on a car and what it means. The Courtesy Signal (Turn Signal, Blinker, Indicator, or whatever name you use) is simply there to notify other drivers of your intent to turn or to change lanes.

This is not a request for permission. If a car is diagonally in front of you and their courtesy signal comes on showing they are about to move into your lane, you do not have any right at all to speed up, block them, honk at them because you speed up trying to block them, flip them off for getting in front of you, or any of the other childish and moronic things drivers seem to do anymore.

For your information, if a driver is on an On Ramp, or another such lane that is ending, and they are signaling that they are coming into your lane and you block them… you are legally guilty of Road Rage and any other laws the responding office can come up with after the car crash you create.

Simply put, when someone has their Courtesy Signal on, be courteous and let them over. If you are too road ragey, too stupid, or too oblivious to let that driver over, please turn in your driver’s license and relegate yourself to public transit for your own safety as well as everyone else’s.

There are enough traffic issues and bad drivers out there already, don’t be a jerk to the few who actually signal and follow other traffic rules. Remember, everything is on camera now. Many people have their own dash cameras. Many people record cell phone video randomly trying to be the next 15 minute of fame viral video person. If you choose to do something rude in traffic because you feel anonymous during the morning or evening rush, don’t. There is a very real possibility that it will end up on the internet, the news, and possibly even on your mother, grandmother, or boss’s computer or TV screen.

Again, if you are too childish to drive please turn in your driver’s license and use public transit. We’ll all be safer for it. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bathrooms and Gender

Okay, let’s talk about bathrooms and gender. This is a topic that is quickly becoming a pet peeve for me and many others. So here is my point of view. 

Gender is not a mental condition. You either have a penis or you have a vulva. If you have a penis you are scientifically male. If you have a vulva, you are scientifically female. Yes, you can have a penis and love things typically associated with women. You can have a vulva and love things typically associated with men. But that does not change your scientific gender!

What’s that have to do with bathrooms? Simple, if you have a penis you are physically able to use a urinal and if you have a vulva you are not. Most men’s bathrooms are mostly urinals with one or two stalls for when men have to poop. Women’s bathrooms are entirely stalls because a vulva is not conducive for using a urinal. By stating that people who mentally feel they are the opposite gender should be allowed to use that genders bathroom is effectively ordering all businesses to remodel their bathrooms. Not only is that unfair, but it is also expensive, and for historical buildings it is completely unrealistic.

Adding to that, the lines for women’s bathrooms are already long enough! Do we really want to add in people who have a penis to that line just because they want to wear dresses and high heels? Do we really want to have that long line for the one or two stalls in the men’s room so women who like jeans and short hair can take them up while some poor guy who desperately needs to poop has to wait an hour? It’s not even close to being a fair situation. Bathrooms have been designed for hundreds of years based on gender. If you want ask that future bathrooms not have that allowance, that’s fine, but please don’t bankrupt some poor Mom & Pop business just because you feel like a gender that you scientifically aren’t!

If the words on the door stating Mens and Womens are offensive, we can change them to Penis and Vulva for you. It will still be just and gender specific from a scientific stand point, but maybe sensitive emotions will be happier.

I have no problem with people who feel they are in the wrong body. It’s fine if you have issues with what you were born with, many people do. Please though, be reasonable! You can’t change your scientific gender by simply feeling it’s wrong and wishing. There are too many side effects from what is being asked. The cost of renovating every public bathroom in the country is the one. The ability for sexual predators to have easier access is a second (and yes, there are already cases of this happening in states with gender fluid bathroom laws). Third, is the very simple fact that denying science and denying who you are has never, and will never, be healthy.

I for one, don’t care if you have a penis and happen to love dresses and thongs or if you have a vulva and happen to love hockey getting into spitting contests. Be and do what makes you happy! Just remember that your Rights to happiness stop when it harms others. Putting someone out of business is causing harm. Opening access for sexual predators is harm. Most importantly… making someone have to wait an extra-long time to poop just because you don’t want to admit your scientific gender is a fact and not an emotion… that is seriously cruel!