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Interview with a Model-Bad Charlotte (aka Vampireleniore)

I am so excited that I got a chance to start my Interview series. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. My first victim interviewee is the lovely Bad Charlotte aka Vampireleniore I am very grateful to her for taking the time to participate. Now, on to the interview.


Lets start by having you introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and where you live.

Bad Charlotte

My name is actually Amanda. I use the name "Bad Charlotte" as my modeling alias because it is both the nickname someone I loved very much gave me and it was the name of my grandmother, the person I admired most in my life, save maybe one person at a time.

My deviant ( name is vampireleniore. I got that from a book I wrote a while ago. Yes ^.^ I write books, stories, paint, draw, model, and I'm a student.

Website...well, I'm working on my website right now, but it will definitely be coming out sometime this summer (or so I'm hoping). I'll keep you all updated on. (DeviantArt)

I live in California, United States, but travel all over. I've been to Washington, Oregon, and soon to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for my modeling.

You can also find me on (Model Mayhem)


Why/how did you decide to go into Modeling?

Bad Charlotte

I wanted to since I was five, but my parents strictly forbade it, saying I would not be able to until I turned eighteen.

I originally got the idea because I was freakishly tall when I was little and people would always say I could be a model because of that. I stopped growing at eight years old, though, and now I'm a short model, but I actually enjoy my height more now than I ever did then.


Most people don’t think about models needing gear to work, they think it’s all provided for you. What do you always bring to a shoot out of need or just in case?

Bad Charlotte

Cell phone, pepper spray (I take that everywhere and have never had to use it on anyone, thankfully), snacks, hairbrush, comb, straightener, curling iron, hair spray, shine serum, biosilk, makeup (all of it), some wardrobe items just in case the stylist flakes, emergency cash, coat always (I usually use it as a robe), Listerine strips, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, shoes, and the list goes on.


Have you ever wanted, or actually have punched a photographer? Why?

Bad Charlotte

Oh, I've wanted to.

I had a photographer have me come to him on the train for a paid gig (it wasn't very much either. At the time, I was desperate, so I settled for way less than my rates) and when I got there, he said, "You know, I am tired after driving around and working, but you're really beautiful, so please let me know when you're in the area again."

Another photographer was doing a suicide girls photoshoot with me (yes, I almost became a suicide girl. They recruited me, but then I did research and wasn't pleased) and he kept telling me I should do spreadshots for the site.

One, I don't do spreadshots. EVER. and two, he was trying to convince me that I had to in order to be a successful suicide girl.

I HAD A FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the site for a year and saw that some of the most successful suicide girls were also some of the most classy, so no, I didn't have to.

A few photographers would be too touchy. I don't allow it, unless it is a female.

Some would even try to brush a hair off my chest and I would brush their hand away and let them know that's not cool, or flinch away, or whatever.

Nothing pisses me off like someone trying to cop a cheap feel.


What is the worst and best thing about modeling?

Bad Charlotte

Best thing? Feeling beautiful and artistic all at once. Having fans. Getting to express yourself in many different ways, meeting new people, going new places. There's a lot of good.

Worst thing? The occasional psychopath or pervert (not that I have anything against perverts unless they make me uncomfortable).

Glitch-Chaos First nude/implied nude shoot. What was it like? Did you make it all the way through?

Bad Charlotte

It was very comfortable. The photographer was actually a close friend, so I was with people I trusted and it brought out the creativity in me.

However, it took a while for the, "Is this sluttish?" feeling to go away because I was raised Christian and, in my own convictions, a very modest dressing person (still am). I've only owned one miniskirt my whole life and it was an anniversary present (BUT this doesn't mean I'm judging people who do).

I've decided after much thought about the subject that nudity is not in itself corrupt, or pornographic. It's the poses or intention (or a combination of the two) that makes it, so I usually tell photographers that I typically like to be very "un" sexy in photoshoots with nudity. I like to act like I'm dancing in front of the camera. Sometimes, I do pinup nudes, which I think are playful and innocent, but also very sexy in a sophisticated sort of way.


What Model do you wish you could imitate?

Bad Charlotte

Imitate? I think I prefer to do my own thing. Adding a bit of individuality to what you do is what brings you to your goals.

No one wants 8 Audrey Kitchings or 90 Mosh's.

they want them. Why have a copy of them?

By the way, if I HAD to imitate, it would probably be Rabid Girl Scout or Mosh. Mosh has the most amazing poses and Rabid Girl Scout has the most amazing style. She's so much like me, except with more hair and makeup skills.

I also love Ulorin Vex's poses and style. I have a thing for "Blindingly bright" stuff.


What is your dream modeling job and you dream “normal” job?

Bad Charlotte

Dream modeling job? Hmmm...getting paid to do things I love with people I like to work with.

If Raven's Laughter and I were hired by a client, or Debbi, Shandra Jade, and I, or Mosh and I. Porcelain Poet and I. Donald Holman and I. I would die of excitement! There's others, of course.

Normal job? Painting. Writing books. I plan to do them both anyways, but if I struck a gold mine in either field, I would take on modeling for the sheer pleasure of it instead of a career.


Do you like to look at the pictures afterwards? Or would you rather just move on to the next job?

Bad Charlotte

I love looking at pictures!

It's not a vanity thing. You can compare it to having a child and going, "SHIT! That's a beautiful baby! Look what we made!"


Have you ever been in a modeling situation that scared you?

Bad Charlotte

Yeah. A photographer mislead me on the location of a shoot in Portland, or I misheard him. Not sure which. I was in this new place and I was supposed to crash on his couch that night, so I was scared I would be stranded without a place to sleep.

Bleh. Then, I couldn't get a hold of him on my phone because I ran out of minutes (pay as you go phone).


Do you have a question you’ve always wanted someone to ask you just so you could answer it? What’s the question? What’s the answer?

Bad Charlotte

Only a million.

Hmmm...What's one random fact about you, Miss Charlotte, that very few people know?

Answer: I LOVE bright colors and I love working with other models, but only if I like them a lot. If not, I'll still enjoy myself, but working with someone you admire is inspiring and a great experience.

Bonus question: (because I really want to know). Have you ever used your model status as a pick up line?

Bad Charlotte

lol. I haven't had to. I've been in two relationships since I started and one of those relationships was with someone I was with way before I started.

On occasion, he would joke about how awesome it was to date a model. Come to think of it, they both did.


Thank you so much for your time! I am truly more grateful than you could ever know!

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