Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"My Goal"

For awhile now I've been working on building up my photography portfolio of people. To do this I'm using sites such as Model Mayhem and the like to network and find people to photograph. Its not going so well...

Why you ask, because the models are only worried about their carrier and their goals. They don't care about mine even though models and photographers are a team out of necessity. It really upsets me that I can have a model booked and they'll cancel me just a couple days prior to the set shoot and say stuff like

"Hey. Unfortunately I won't be able to. I'm no longer doing tfp work due to high demand. I also need to focus on only what benefits my portfolio. I hope you understand."

Especially when they are the one who initially contacted me first. When I replied to this particular model and said

"No, but its your life and your call. So, Good luck."

I was further dismayed when she replied with

"Yeah, I'm sorry.. and I do feel bad. I'm on another level at this point: being sought out by agencies and working out auditions with IMG, Ford, and Elite and possibly getting flown out to NYC to do so. They don't want me working with photographers who won't work with my portfolio, and it sucks, but a cosplay shoot simply won't go unless you can make it editorial, which is doubtful. I can't waste any time right now either at this point. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I do need to stick to my ultimate goal."

First: What Kind of a modeling agency would want a model who makes a commitment then cancels with two days notice or less and uses such a lame excuse as "well... something better may come along"! You've already made the booking! I'm sure they didn't say "So stop all frivolous shoots NOW!" I'm sure they just meant "Hey, keep in mind in future bookings how the shoot will look in your portfolio"

Second: Your Goal!?!?! What about mine?! My goal is what spawned the posting you contacted me over in the first place! And now its okay to stomp on my dreams of being a big shot photographer because you have agencies just beginning to contact you! Hello, does the saying "don't put all of your eggs into one basket" mean anything. For all you know I'll make it first and the company will want to have you after seeing my Portfolio with you in it!

People, Companies, Models Please get your heads out of your butts and think!

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