Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility. Get some!

It's the Drunk's fault for driving drunk, not the bar's, Not the Liquor store's. It's the Drunk's fault! Stop letting him/her blame someone else.

It's the bad guy's fault for killing people. Not the Gun's, Not the Gun store's, Not the Knife's, Not the Baseball Bat's. It's the Bad guy's fault. Stop letting him/her blame someone else!

Its the tourist's fault for getting mauled by the momma bear when he/she tried to pet one of her cubs. Not the Momma Bear's fault! Not the National Park Service's Fault. It's the Tourist fault! Stop letting him/her blame someone else! 

If you can't figure out how this applies to everything else in life. Go back to pre-school/kindergarten. That's where they teach this stuff.

YOU, are responsible for YOUR OWN ACTIONS! No one else is.

You have Free Will. You can do anything. So how about using common sense for a change.

 If any of this confuses you, please report to the nearest disintegration chamber immediately! I'm sure a trip through it will alleviate your confusion for the rest of your life.

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