Sunday, January 25, 2009

The problems with driver's license testing

I keep trying to find the best way to phrase this. So far I’ve had little luck. Passing a test is something that is becoming less and less difficult and therefore the results shown by that test are becoming less and less accurate. The main test I have currently in mind is the United States driver license test, particularly Colorado’s. Now before people start to assume that Colorado is my focus due to some nefarious reason, it is not. It’s only due to my being a native of Colorado and having never lived in another state, therefore I do not wish to generalize and assume that these issues are nationally or globally wide in nature, though I believe they may be.

So I call out the test for the State of Colorado’s driver’s license burrow as being improperly given and graded. In the last year I have witnessed, first hand, how pathetic this exam has become. I had a relative of mine who did not practice or have any intuitive driving ability take this test and pass. I can speak with confidence of my relative’s abilities as I went out the day prior to this relative’s driver’s test, to be the “licensed adult” in the car. By the end of the day I had become all too aware that my relative had zero control in steering, zero ability process all of the necessary information required to change lanes, and zero ability process instructions, while traveling in a straight line, regarding upcoming navigation. This relative, at that time, was 18 years old, had been in possession of a learners permit since being legally able to obtain it at just over 15 years of age, for having enrolled in a driver’s education class. During the class my relative did well but still needed more experience in order to be eligible to take the test. Sadly this relative and this relatives parents “never had the time” to collect the state required hours behind the wheel to qualify for taking the exam at age 16. Therefore my relative had to wait to age 18 when the hours behind the wheel rule expired, for some as yet unknown reason. All that back history said, my relative somehow passed! Ever since I learned about that complete farce of a test I have wondered just how many lives have been altered or ended because some high up idiot decided that driving is a right instead of a privilege. Now for all those out there who will say “but you have to be able to drive in today’s world” I know many people in person or in passing who choose not to drive or who have chosen to not learn to drive. These people do quite well and are perfectly happy with their decision. So no, it is not required one be able to drive in order to live. Driving is a responsibility that must be taken deadly seriously, because if not it does cause death! For my part I told my relative that day that I did not believe he was ready to drive yet and should act as if he still only possesses a learners permit until he feels confidant and comfortable behind the wheel. I also made it quite clear that if his inability resulted in someone else’s injury or death that he should not attempt to communicate with me ever again! This holds a special weight as I am very much a “family first” type of person and have a strong bond with this relative.

As this is already becoming a rather long post I’ll keep this part short. Parents if your child is learning to drive please do all you can to ensure their ability is thoroughly trained and well executed. Future drivers please make the time to learn all you can about driving and if you feel you’re not that good of a driver and shouldn’t be licensed yet don’t take the test until you feel you should be. For everyone please use your rights to vote to ensure that privilege’s remain separate from perceived rights, as it could save many lives including you or your loved ones. Responsibility is not an old world custom that only your elders should follow, it’s a way to ensure that which should or should not be, is.

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