Friday, February 20, 2009

My review of the book Twilight

Let me begin with why I read Twilight. My sister who does not like “vampire books” at all has been eating up this series and loving it. So I decided to see what it was that made her like it. I picked up the book off of the Sony Ebook store for $9.89, threw it onto my Ereader and started reading. One third of the way through, I noticed that I was still in “character development land” and still no real plot twists outside of a tween drama. The characters were introduced to me now though and hints of the greater plot were evident. I kept reading and waiting patiently because the potential was there. As I reached the unveiling of the vampire (Edward Cullen) to the female lead (Bella Swan) it was a slow reveal with little blood or dramatics. More of an “oh duh” moment if you will. Now she knows and their fondness for each other grows. At this point we are past the halfway mark in the book and I’m wondering where the exciting plot that everyone eludes to is. Well it turns out it’s at the end. Almost literally the last quarter or less of the book is the exciting vampire related part. And it borders on the ridicules.

*****For those of you who are spoiler sensitive this is where they may start*****

Okay so Bella knows about Edward and his “family” so of course she gets invited out to a family outing where all the vampires get to play and use their abilities. This of course draws in some “evil” vampires who are passing through. They of course (<-- once again) find Bella too inviting a treat to leave her be, and start hunting her. Blah blah blah, she goes on the run after destroying her father’s self-esteem as “it’s the only way to escape in time” and winds up in more danger, almost gets eaten, but is rescued just in time. I know this comes across as a snarky review on my part here’s why. The name Bella translates to beautiful, which no one picks up on and she thinks herself to be ugly (Oiy has this been done to death!). The vampires in this story break a cardinal rule of vampire lore, in allowing the undead to walk in the sun. No one mentions steaks through the heart and the family has a cross in their house.

All in all I give this book a C- because it does keep the reader interested so long as they don’t stop to think too much about the actual subject material and how long the development takes. I do see why Hollywood made it into a movie. The book is written just like all their recent efforts they’ve put out if you ignore the epilogue in the book.

As for my initial question of “why my sister liked it?” I would say she liked it because it was a tame plot with slow build up and minimal violence yet, somehow; still interesting thanks to Bella’s drama.

The “Guy” guy’s would likely call this a “chick” story due to the high level of personal drama and minimal action.


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