Friday, March 27, 2009

Something fun and hopefully funny

Employer IQ test, have the employer take any online IQ test and then remove the furthest left non-place holder digit. If the new number is below 20 there’s hope.

Employee IQ test, Have employee take any online IQ test. Then multiply it by two. If the new number is over 100 give them a pay raise and keep them around whatever the cost.

Simplified IQ test, tell the person to catch the tennis ball you are about to throw. Then gently with an under hand toss send it towards their nose. If they catch it they’re smart. If they dodge it they’re trouble. If it hits them in their nose proceed to alternate test.

Alternate IQ test if Simplified IQ test results in a hit on the person’s nose. Tell them to catch the next object you send their way. Point a loaded .45 caliber pistol at their nose and pull the trigger. If that person dies the test is finished. If the gun does not fire, switch the gun safety to “off” then test the pistol by putting the barrel in your ear and pull the trigger listening for the click and boom of a successful shot.

Hey you! Yes, you! The dumbass over there. The Alternate IQ test is a JOKE! Do not try this at home or at all!

Thank you


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