Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dying Alone

A show I was watching was talking about "dying alone" and I realized something.

No one dies alone. Anytime someone dies they take a small portion of soul from every single person who knows them. That's why it hurts. You can fill the void by making new friends, but that piece of your soul will forever be gone.

This isn't really as sad of a thought as you may be thinking though. Take a second and process what I said. That person who died has a part of you with them forever for whatever is 'next'.

Even if you're an atheist like me, think about the science of energy. Energy can not simply cease to exists. It's always in a new form instantly if the last form stops for any reason. Every time you interact with your friends, whether it be a hug, kiss, handshake, or even a fist bump... you're sharing energy like kids (in my day and before) became blood brothers. You are literally a part of your friends, family, and loved ones on a scientifically proven level.

This means that when they die, you will always have a part of them with you. This isn't wishy washy religion, it's science.

So the next time you are thinking about that person you lost. Remember that they are in some way with you, and you are in some way with them. Then think about what they'd say to you about being sad and missing them. Do you think they'd want you to be miserable? I doubt it.

When I die and you all are thinking of me, know that I'd tell you to smile and go do something silly. If that doesn't work, know I'd grab your tits (ladies) and kick you in the balls (gentlemen) because that's the type of weird person I am. I want people to be happy even if I'm not with them. I love life and the adventures people can find, and I hope all of you do too... even if I'm not there with my camera taking a thousand photos of moss on a tree while you impatiently wait for my ass to finish.

So, again, next time you're sad over the memory of a loss in your life, just connect to that small portion of the person that is a part of you and listen to their advice. Most of our friends know they're smarter than we are anyway! 

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