Thursday, September 22, 2016

It Could Never Happen Here

“It could never happen here.” Is one of the dumbest thought patterns humans seem to have. I’m not sure why the human brain is designed for denial, but it most certainly is. This mentality of seeing something bad happen elsewhere in the country, or in the world and people thinking “How sad, I’m glad that could never happen here.” is a trap of the denial mindset. We need to break out of that mental pattern and admit that anything can happen at any time and plan for ways to prevent it.

How can we break that mindset? There are a few ways. First, anytime something bad or strange happens take a few moments to think about what you would do in that situation. A major example that is currently going on would be Riots. This year we’ve had a few riots in the United States, how would you react if there was one in your city? Would you get caught up in the insanity and participate? Would you hide in your home with a frying pan clutched in your hand all night? Would you sit at home with your home defense firearm of choice nearby and loaded? How long would you stay like that? How long could you stay like that? Do you have provisions (Food, water, candles, flashlights, batteries)? It’s something to think about.

Personally, I think if riots started in my city I’d be at home with the lights off and every firearm I own loaded and close by. I know I have food and water to get through at least one night safely. Fortunately many riots die down during daylight hours, but what if it didn’t? A lot of people joke about what they’d do during the “Zombie Apocalypse” riots are just the real world version of that. A severe storm can place you in a similar situation as well though. However, it’s something that most people never really plan for. You can’t always make a last minute fix work. This is why planning is necessary.

Back to our example of a riot: night one, hide out. What about morning after one? Seeing as how the riots that have happened this year have always lasted more than one night, and have escalated on the second, what is your next step? I have already decided that if the riot did die down on the morning after, I’d pack up everything I care about and need then split town. Sometimes just a few miles will get you to a safe area to weather the next night while being able to sleep. You may even be close enough to still go to work. If you can’t make it to work though, call in sick. If you’ll be fired over it, so be it. Your safety is far more important than a job. Your family’s safety is far more important than a paycheck. Do what you must to be safe!

What if the riot doesn’t die down or roads/bridges are too damaged for you to get away? That’s where you hope you hope you have your “Zombie apocalypse” survival kit stocked up! Either way, start inventorying everything you have in your house. Figure out what you have and see if you can make it work. If you don’t have water and the water is still working, fill up every container you have! Heck, clean and fill your bathtub up with water too, it’s better to skip bathing than to die of thirst. Next, check on your friendly, peace loving neighbors. Do not go to houses you don’t know, do not go to the house that has the delinquent teens who get brought home by the police on a regular basis. Check on the old lady who lives across the street, but do so carefully! Everyone will be scared and on a shoot first fight or flight mode. Call out from the curb if you’re approaching a house, call out from the hall if you’re in an apartment/condo complex. Keep your voice calm and soothing though! Keep your protection with you at all times!!! Be paranoid, but don’t be too scared to take action. If you can get your neighbors together you can share resources. Someone may have a ton of batteries, someone may be a hobby candle maker, someone may be a doomsayer and have a fully stocked bunker with enough provisions to keep the entire peace loving collection of neighbors safe and fed.  Again though, Be Safe! Riots can bring out the dark side of anyone, so keep that protection at hand whether it be a steak knife, a cast iron skillet, or an AR-15. Get the best group you can. Grab your emergency documents and your backpack of things you can’t live without. Get your group together and stay in the safest location you can get to with your neighborhood peace loving pack of allies. It’s always safer to be in a group than to be alone. The larger the group of peace loving people, the better!

Do I sound like a crazy person? Probably, but I’d rather be safe and crazy sounding than dead with people thinking I was reasonable.

“It could never happen here.” You’ll be surprised just how easily it can happen here. Being prepared in case something bad happens is always better than assuming nothing bad can ever happen. As the old saying goes “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” There is no harm done by being prepared. No one gets hurt. However, if you aren’t prepared, there is a much greater chance of something bad happening. Switch off your denial setting in your mind and make sure you are ready. I’m sure there were many people in Milwaukee and many in Charlotte who “knew” riots would never happen there.  

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