Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Electoral College

The Electoral College is there for a reason. Please at least know that reason before you attack it.

Without the Electoral College, massive city states like New York and California with their population could decide every presidency and leave the rest of the nation without a voice.

That I can promise you would start a true second civil war!

Do the research yourself. I know people don't like the "popular candidate" to lose. But just because they are liked in the heavily populated areas, does not mean they are liked in the more rural areas of the country. 25 states voted for trump by the majority. He was more popular. It's just that those states have fewer people. The states like New York and California have more people and they voted for Clinton. Just those two states alone can nearly equal the population of the rest of the damn country!

Do you really want only those two states deciding what is right for your state?!

I live in Colorado. At an Elevation those two states largely can't even fathom. Do you really think they'd be able to know fairly what we need here? How rough the winters can get? How we need hospital equipment that can function in a thinner atmosphere? How we can't farm year round without a lot of special planning and equipment?

Seriously! Every state needs to have it's own voice. Yes, someone always ends up screwed one way or another, but the Electoral College is there to try to minimize that!

In this election, you may not like that, but what about the next election? What if you repeal the Electoral College and in 4 years it allows Trump to be reelected just based on the popular vote, and then you learn he'd have lost the Electoral vote?

No system of government is perfect. There will always be situations where you feel like it fucked up! But! You have the power to change it the next time! In two short years there will be more elections for the House and Senate. If you vote, you could start the process to block the Republican control. In four years you can vote for someone else entirely on either side!
In the meantime, you can work with groups and foundations to help those you fear for (including yourself). This is The United States of America! Not everything is controlled by who the president is!

For Pete's sake, Marijuana is Federally Illegal in this country, but Colorado and other states have legalized it! Why do you think that just because Trump is president your state looses? Hell, Trump has even said himself that on many controversial topics he wants to send control Back To The State Level!

Start making a plan if you fear Trump. Plan on how to make your state what you need! Start working with other groups who share your needs/concerns. Take proper action. You have more than enough control if you choose to use it. Become a speaker for the concerns you have. Start a youtube channel on it. Start a Podcast. Start a Charity if you want to!!

This is the United States of America! You can do more than march up and down a street holding a cardboard sign while yelling that you hate Trump!

Stop acting like you lost and the world ended! This is your new starting point. Are you going to get up and walk? Or are you just going to lay on the ground until you die?

The choice is yours!

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