Friday, November 11, 2016

Why I chose to vote the way I did.

We had two candidates who nobody wanted to vote for. No sane person was excited to make this choice. For me, it came down to one thing. The Second Amendment.

Here is why:

Both candidates were hateful liars. Both candidates have broken laws. Both candidates wanted to improve our country the way they think is best.

One candidate was pushing restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. The other was assuring us they’d throw open the doors and let us have our 2nd Amendment Right as it was intended.

To me, that was the deciding factor.

Think about it my way for a moment. One person wants to rule the country and limit my rights for self-defense and my rights to fight tyranny if needed. The other person wants to rule the country, but promises me the right to self-defense and to fight tyranny if needed.

Of course I’m going to vote for the person who promises me the ability to keep an equal footing!

Why would I vote for someone who I don’t like and don’t trust who also requires me to fight with my hands tied? The choice sucked! It really, really, sucked! But at least I have the Right to rise up and fight this candidate, to protect myself, my loved ones, my friends, and that stranger on the street.

That other person… wouldn’t have left me with that right.

Yes, Bernie would have been a much better option. Sadly, that other person and their team ensured he didn’t have the chance.

So, I chose hateful liar number one, and if you need me to fight for you, you know I’ll be there. Just like I hope you would have been there for me if your hateful liar number two had won. 

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