Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Choices and Questions

We are all able to make choices. Do we wish to be the person made from easy choices? Or do we wish to be the person made from hard choices? What is the effect on our spirit from each type of choice? Should we only make hard choices? Easy choices? Or should we make both? If both, how do we know when to choose the hard decision over the easy one? How do we know what is Right? How do we know what is Wrong? Is the world only black and white or are there billions of colors seen and unseen that we need to acknowledge to be able to reach who we are supposed to be? What if you’re blind and are unable to see any colors? How will you make your choices then?

For me, I truly try to answer questions like this in the simplest way possible. Those answers come from additional questions thought.

Will this help me? Will this harm me? Will this help others? Will this harm others? Is the good greater than the harm? To me? To them? If I choose to help myself, will I have a chance later to help others who are harmed by my choice? If I choose to help others, will I later be able to recover from the harm to myself? If not, can I live with that harm I took on to help others? Will they help me now that I’m in need?

So many questions for every decision, so many answers too! It has been said: There are two spirits inside us all who fight for dominance. The one that will win, is the one we feed the most. Sometimes we may need to feed the evil spirit with in, but hopefully we can feed the good spirit on a regular basis so it will not be harmed when we must make bad choices for good reasons. Jumping in front of a speeding car is a bad idea, but if you save your child by pushing them to safety, it is worth the consequences.

Life is no easy thing. Every decision has a ripple effect and we won’t know until the end, if they added up to a tsunami or canceled each other out creating smooth waters. 

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