Monday, October 3, 2016

Bathrooms and Gender

Okay, let’s talk about bathrooms and gender. This is a topic that is quickly becoming a pet peeve for me and many others. So here is my point of view. 

Gender is not a mental condition. You either have a penis or you have a vulva. If you have a penis you are scientifically male. If you have a vulva, you are scientifically female. Yes, you can have a penis and love things typically associated with women. You can have a vulva and love things typically associated with men. But that does not change your scientific gender!

What’s that have to do with bathrooms? Simple, if you have a penis you are physically able to use a urinal and if you have a vulva you are not. Most men’s bathrooms are mostly urinals with one or two stalls for when men have to poop. Women’s bathrooms are entirely stalls because a vulva is not conducive for using a urinal. By stating that people who mentally feel they are the opposite gender should be allowed to use that genders bathroom is effectively ordering all businesses to remodel their bathrooms. Not only is that unfair, but it is also expensive, and for historical buildings it is completely unrealistic.

Adding to that, the lines for women’s bathrooms are already long enough! Do we really want to add in people who have a penis to that line just because they want to wear dresses and high heels? Do we really want to have that long line for the one or two stalls in the men’s room so women who like jeans and short hair can take them up while some poor guy who desperately needs to poop has to wait an hour? It’s not even close to being a fair situation. Bathrooms have been designed for hundreds of years based on gender. If you want ask that future bathrooms not have that allowance, that’s fine, but please don’t bankrupt some poor Mom & Pop business just because you feel like a gender that you scientifically aren’t!

If the words on the door stating Mens and Womens are offensive, we can change them to Penis and Vulva for you. It will still be just and gender specific from a scientific stand point, but maybe sensitive emotions will be happier.

I have no problem with people who feel they are in the wrong body. It’s fine if you have issues with what you were born with, many people do. Please though, be reasonable! You can’t change your scientific gender by simply feeling it’s wrong and wishing. There are too many side effects from what is being asked. The cost of renovating every public bathroom in the country is the one. The ability for sexual predators to have easier access is a second (and yes, there are already cases of this happening in states with gender fluid bathroom laws). Third, is the very simple fact that denying science and denying who you are has never, and will never, be healthy.

I for one, don’t care if you have a penis and happen to love dresses and thongs or if you have a vulva and happen to love hockey getting into spitting contests. Be and do what makes you happy! Just remember that your Rights to happiness stop when it harms others. Putting someone out of business is causing harm. Opening access for sexual predators is harm. Most importantly… making someone have to wait an extra-long time to poop just because you don’t want to admit your scientific gender is a fact and not an emotion… that is seriously cruel! 

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