Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Courtesy signal

Let’s talk about the Courtesy Signal on a car and what it means. The Courtesy Signal (Turn Signal, Blinker, Indicator, or whatever name you use) is simply there to notify other drivers of your intent to turn or to change lanes.

This is not a request for permission. If a car is diagonally in front of you and their courtesy signal comes on showing they are about to move into your lane, you do not have any right at all to speed up, block them, honk at them because you speed up trying to block them, flip them off for getting in front of you, or any of the other childish and moronic things drivers seem to do anymore.

For your information, if a driver is on an On Ramp, or another such lane that is ending, and they are signaling that they are coming into your lane and you block them… you are legally guilty of Road Rage and any other laws the responding office can come up with after the car crash you create.

Simply put, when someone has their Courtesy Signal on, be courteous and let them over. If you are too road ragey, too stupid, or too oblivious to let that driver over, please turn in your driver’s license and relegate yourself to public transit for your own safety as well as everyone else’s.

There are enough traffic issues and bad drivers out there already, don’t be a jerk to the few who actually signal and follow other traffic rules. Remember, everything is on camera now. Many people have their own dash cameras. Many people record cell phone video randomly trying to be the next 15 minute of fame viral video person. If you choose to do something rude in traffic because you feel anonymous during the morning or evening rush, don’t. There is a very real possibility that it will end up on the internet, the news, and possibly even on your mother, grandmother, or boss’s computer or TV screen.

Again, if you are too childish to drive please turn in your driver’s license and use public transit. We’ll all be safer for it. 

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