Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why don’t we actually learn from things that inspire us?

How many times have you been inspired by something or someone? How many times have you thought “They Are Amazing!” and just left it at that? I know that at the very least I see one inspiring thing a week. Sometimes one inspiring thing a day, and yet, for some reason that inspiration never holds. Why is that? Do we think that inspiration is only for a certain few? That those inspiring people are rare and that we can’t become them? It honestly makes no sense to me. 

Lately I wonder if the reason the inspiration doesn’t hold is because as a people we spend so much time being told You Can’t, You Aren’t Good Enough, You Don’t Matter that it has actually programed our minds to believe it. There are even meditation experts who say such thoughts to program our mental computer (Brain) and trap them into a negative pattern.

How to make it stop! The hardest question there is. Those meditation experts say you can think your way out by retraining your mind. Some others just kick on their stubborn streak and decide they will be the best no matter what! The rest of us, I think we just need to keep trying, fail, try again, and repeat until we succeed in becoming someone who inspires others. We have to decide that while failing sucks, we will only fail attempt and we’ll try again as soon as we have made some adjustments to our plans.

Anyone can succeed. Literally ANYONE! The only real trick is to not give up. Become a sore loser, refuse to stay beaten. Make your goals happen even if they take a lifetime.

This is all stuff I need to do myself. I hope you will join me! Heck some of you may even beat me to the finish line. I’m okay with that, just remember to keep looking for me to catch up and pass you! 

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