Saturday, October 22, 2016

Get Ready to Vote!

Early voting and mail in voting is starting. This political season has been especially volatile and many people have lost track of the purpose of voting.

There are people to hate on both sides of the republican/ democrat party lines. However, this vote is not about who you like as a person. We are voting on issues.

Issues such as abortion, gun laws, health care, and many other things. Please don't let your opinion of a human representative interfere with you voting for what matters to you personally.

Vote the issues and only the issues. If you wait for a respectable politician to vote for, you'll never have a reason to vote.

Politics are about what matters most to the people, not who the people like, trust, or respect. (Especially when we have no options at all in those categories.)

So please, Vote! It does matter, the issues at stake matter. The people involved matter too... but the issues are always whats most important. People come and go in politics. Laws tend to stick around long after.

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