Saturday, October 22, 2016

Deadbeat Dads

Yes, deadbeat dads are a very bad thing, but… it goes both ways. Here’s the deal. If you want fewer deadbeat dads (or moms, because that’s a thing too) there are a few very effective ways to make it happen.
  • Know who you are having sex with! If you don’t know someone well enough to know if they want kids in the first place, don’t sleep with them! 

  • If you haven’t know the person long enough to know you are willing to spend the next 18 years of your life interacting with them on a regular basis, don’t sleep with them. 

  • If you know the person already has kids and is a deadbeat, don’t sleep with them!

  • If you aren’t comfortable talking to the person about the possibility of having kids due to having sex, don’t sleep with them. 

It really is that simple. Get to know the person properly. Over several years! Then sleep with them. If you or they aren’t willing to wait, then they probably aren’t willing to wait around for a kid to grow up before they move on with their life.

Ladies, you have the most control. You are the ones who can have babies. You can turn off access. If you really want fewer deadbeat dads, be a lot pickier about who you sleep with!

Personally, I refuse to sleep with anyone who has multiple kids from multiple men. Hell, I won’t sleep with a woman who offers herself to me the first few months we date. I don’t want to be in a position where my children grow up in a broken home. It’s not fair to them, their mom, nor me.

Sex creates life, but to live your life, sex is not mandatory. To live a happy life, sex should be meaningful. Not just a way to feel good. Be responsible! Don’t risk your happiness, your children’s happiness, nor your partner’s happiness! Keep your privates private until you are truly ready. Because otherwise you just look like a dumb slut regardless if you are male or female. 

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